2019 Golf Outing – Highest Attendance Ever – Everyone Came Together for a Great Success

Early in the morning of August 7, 2019, approximately ten volunteers from the Leo High School Alumni Association arrived at the Gelneagles Golf Course in Lamont, Illinois for the latest edition of the Burke/Mahoney (Leo Alumni) Golf Outing.

Under the leadership of Scott Fulwiler and Dennis Barista the outing had been growing for a few years, but this year there was some question as to whether they would be able to keep up the incredible momentum, after a few difficulties which caused delays in getting the word out and donated prizes in. It was clear from early in the day of the outing that the weather would cooperate, so the volunteers set up and waited.

The volunteers did not have to wait long before arrivals began streaming in. In less than one hour the parking lot filled with golfers, Leo friends and comrades ready for a day of fun. Soon the overflow lot filled. Golfers began enjoying themselves, meeting with friends and acquaintances while registering and taking advantage of doughnuts, coffee, the “Bloody Mary Bar” and other treats. The lots filled until the event grew into the most highly attended Leo Golf outing in the history of the school – over 300 golfers again – the largest golf outing Gleneagles Golf Course will host this year.

It was a great day for golf and related amusements. At one hole, attendees had a chance to win a Cadillac if they made a “hole in one”. At other holes the features included, a longest drive award, a chip shot award and a one putt award. There was a “golf ball bazooka”, along with a full range of beverages as you golfed, rounding out the golfing experience.

After the event there was a dinner, a silent auction, several raffles, lots of comradery and of course, the Leo Fight Song. We know Scott and Dennis will want us to thank the committee, their helpers and their many generous sponsors and we will update this article to reflect that very soon, but for now we leave you with our picture gallery. A very good day, and it will all go to the benefit of Leo High. Thank you Scott and Dennis. ———–from The Alumni Association.

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