Banquet, Golf, Jubilee and Awards Updates from the Leo Alumni President

Fellow Alumni:  I hope that all is well and getting better, as it appears that we just might be seeing a winding down of the Covid pandemic that has disrupted our everyday lives. With that in mind the Alumni Association hopes to schedule our annual banquet this Fall. The original hope was to have it this Spring, but unfortunately current conditions just wouldn’t allow it. In addition to the banquet, the Annual Golf outing is being scheduled for August. Both of these events are subject to the State’s guidelines, but in a recent interview the Governor was hopeful that we would be entering Stage 5 soon, which would allow large gatherings and events.

Currently the banquet is scheduled for Friday, October 22nd, at the Chateau del Mar, 8301 W. 95th Street in Hickory Hills. Cocktails are at 6:30 pm with dinner and program starting at 7:30 pm. Because of last years cancellation, this year we will honor two Golden and Silver class years, 1970, 1971, 1995 and 1996. The awards that were scheduled for last year will be presented this year, but no additional awards for 2021 will be given. The Committee decided that doing this would be prudent given the time any extra awards would take to present. Going forward we will resume the annual awards in 2022. The golf outing will be held on Wednesday, August 4th, with some minor modifications that will be explained in a later email.  

 Because we are dealing with very uncertain circumstances, everything is subject to change, but for the moment this is what we are planning. When a final decision is made, we will send out a new email, followed with a Banquet newsletter with full details of the Banquet and our award nominees. We are all looking forward to resuming normal activities and hopefully this will be happening soon. As soon as plans are more concrete, we will be letting you know. On behalf of the officers, I thank you for your understanding with all that has been going on and we all look forward to meeting in person. If anyone has any question feel free to call me and Go Lions!

Best regards,

Dan Stecich ‘75


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