Brother James Sloan, CFC

Brother James SLoan, CFC 1908-2003


  1. Bill Lynch says

    Brother Sloan was a legend at Leo. He was part of the total experience and if you never had him as a teacher you really missed out. He only taught seniors. If he taught freshman they would all have run to Calumet by Christmas.
    Brother Sloan taught Senior English, but he didn’t create great English scholars, he created men. His class was brutally demanding and he gave no quarter. If you wanted to succeed in his class you had to work like a dog. My goal was to average at least 85 in his class to get exempt from his final. Only one person that I heard of achieved that, Pete Kelly “63”. I missed by a single point.
    Outside of school was a whole different story. Twice in my senior year, while walking home, I came upon Brother Sloan taking his afternoon walk. Both times we walked from LEO down Sangamon to 88th and Carpenter, where I lived. Brother Sloan, if he wasn’t a Irish Christian Brother, could have made a fortune as a comedian. He was funny, interesting and a very nice guy.
    I wouldn’t trade a minute of my time at LEO especially my time in the company of Brother Sloan.

    Bill Lynch “64”

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