Joan P. McKenna, Wife of Andrew J. McKenna

The Alumni Association was recently notified of the passing on Saturday, July 20, 2019, of Joan P. McKenna (nee Pickett), the beloved wife of Andrew J. McKenna. Andrew is a most distinguished Leo alumni who graduated with the Class of 1947.

According to her obituary (which is linked below), Joan was a member of Northwestern University Women’s Board and the Field Museum Women’s Board. Over the years she was very active in many organizations including the Antiquarian Society, Lyric Opera, Clearbrook and the University of Notre Dame.

The Andrew J. McKenna and his family have been of invaluable assistance to Leo High School through the years. Joan is Survived by Andrew and many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. For further information, please click this link to Joan P. McKenna’s Obituary

The entire Alumni Association offer its prayers and condolences to Andrew J. McKenna and his family and their other close associates at this time.

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