John R. “Jack” Kelly, Class of 1980, Rest In Peace

The Leo Alumni Association was recently notified of the death of John R. (Jack) Kelly of the Class of 1980, by his friends and classmates. Jack died on June 20. 2022. Jack was an active supporter of Leo High School and could frequently be seen in attendance at Leo sporting games and events.

Jack graduated from St. Barnabas Grammar School and maintained friendships with many of his fellow St. Barnabas Graduates.  While at Leo, Jack participated in the Student Counsel from his freshman, through his senior, years.  Jack also participated in intramural sports for all four years and was a member of the Leo Basketball Team during his freshman and sophomore years.  It is also noteworthy that Jack is the son of Robert “Tony” Kelly a graduate of the Leo Class of 1943.

After attending Leo, Jack went on to obtain a degree from Illinois State University and subsequently spent much of his professional career as an investigator for the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.

The entire membership of the Alumni Association offers its prayers and condolences to Jack Kelly’s family, and to his close friends and associates at this time. Jack’s obituary and visitation information are available here.

In lieu of flowers, Jack’s family generously requests that donations be sent to Leo High School, 7901 S. Sangamon, Chicago, IL 60620. We will continue to update you with any other information we receive in regard to Jack and his memorial services.


  1. Debbie Strocchia says

    Jack Kelly was a Amazing Man!! And will be missed by Many of us.
    I went to St Barnabas with Jackie He was my first Boyfriend!!
    We would speak every so often (I live in Arizona) so we rarely saw each other. He sure could make me laugh!! Last year went by so fast we did not talk, I did not know he was sick. I thought of him often however did not pick up the phone.
    Lesson learned Life moves fast… From now on when I think of someone I love I will reach out no matter how busy my life may be.

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