“Leo Men and friends in Crestwood for a Windy City Thunderbolts Game on Friday June 6th ~ A good time had by all!”

In the spirit of keeping that Lion pride going and having fun, we attended a baseball game for the Windy City Thunderbolts.  Following were the details:

Thunderbolts Game 6/6/14

Thunderbolts Game 6/6/14 – A good time had by all!!

Bases Loaded Coupon Package

When:  June 6th

Time:  7:05 PM

Price: $13.00 a ticket (still not bad)


Reserved box seats for the group!
Coupon for a dog, chips, ice cream and drink!
The group name was announced on the PA system and on the marquee!
AND it was Budweiser filler up night…$1.25 beers! !


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