SuperStar Leo wins in the 5th at Hawthorne on Leo High School Race Day

Leo v. Rita a Family, Community Affair with Reception at Red Palm Evergreen park

Dan McGrath holds the winning ticket .

On Saturday, Nov. 28, a Leo party observed the 90th anniversary celebration with a “Day at the Races” at Hawthorne Race Course. The fifth race went off in the school’s honor, and the entry drawing the most support from the Leo group, was, predictably enough, a horse named Superstar Leo.

Alas, the heavily-wagered Superstar Leo finished second. But as the Leo group moved toward the winner’s circle for a photo op with the winning jockey, the inquiry sign flashed-“hold all tickets.” The third-place finisher had lodged a foul claim against the first-place finisher, and after a study of the race tape, the stewards concurred, taking down the apparent winner and elevating Superstar Leo.

The knowledgeable horse-players within the Leo party were ecstatic. School president Dan McGrath looked at the tote board as the new order was posted.

“My work here,” he said, “is finished.”

Superstar Leo was now in the winner’s circle with Leo alums holding winning tickets.


Article reprinted with permission of Bill Figel.




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