“The Search for the Forgotten Thirty Four: Honored by the US Marines, Unheralded in their Hometowns” by Terence W. Barrett, PhD

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Former Marine commemorates heroic actions of forgotten WWII, Korea, Vietnam Medal of Honor recipients

While Dr. Terence W. Barrett’s “The Search for the Forgotten 34: Honored by the U.S. Marines, Unheralded in their Hometowns” highlights veterans from past wars, current military members can find strength and encouragement in its stories.

“The Search for the Forgotten 34: Honored by the U.S. Marines, Unheralded in their Hometowns” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and is also available on Kindle Books.  Click the underlined links to go directly to the book and kindle edition.

FARGO, N.D. – Dr. Terence W. Barrett spent seven years in the United States Marine Corps, learning what men and women of the armed forces live through and fight for in service to their country. In “The Search for the Forgotten 34: Honored by the U.S. Marines, Unheralded in their Hometowns” (ISBN 1461104246), he highlights individuals who courageously fought in WWII and the Korean and Vietnam battles.

For actions during these historical conflicts, 181 United States Marines were awarded the nation’s highest mark of respect, the Medal of Honor. Cities and towns across America honored these men for their courageous efforts that kept our country free of tyranny. But 34 of the recipients went without tributes for over four to six decades despite the extreme heroism they had displayed.

In the past, very little information was known about this group of forgotten heroes. Barrett spent years researching their lives to better understand bravery. “The Search for the Forgotten 34” chronicles his discoveries. He describes their heroic actions and the determined efforts their family, friends and fellow comrades extended in order to bring them fitting recognition. Barrett recounts their stories hoping to give the honor and respect these 34 men deserve.

Among the Forgotten Hometown Medal of Honor Heroes are: Kenneth Lee Worley (Farmington, New Mexico), Gregory Boyington (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho), Richard Earl Bush (Bowling Green, Kentucky), Justice M. Chambers (Huntington, West Virginia), David Bernard Champagne (Waterville, Maine), Stanley Reuben Christianson (Mindoro, Wisconsin), Ronald Leroy Coker (Alliance, Nebraska), Peter Spencer Connor (Orange, New Jersey), Ralph Ellis Dias (Indiana, Pennsylvania), Douglas Eugene Dickey (Greenville, Ohio), John Peter Fardy (Chicago, Illinois), Dale Merlin Hansen (Wisner, Nebraska), James Donnie Howe (Six Mile, South Carolina), James Edmund Johnson (Pocatello, Idaho), Joseph Rudolph Julian (Sturbridge, Massachusetts), John Doren Kelly (Youngstown, Ohio), Jack William Kelso (Caruthers, California), Daniel Paul Matthews (Van Nuys, California), Frederick William Mausert, III (Cambridge, New York), Whitt Lloyd Moreland (Waco, Texas), William David Morgan (Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania), William Thomas Perkins, Jr. (Rochester, New York), Lawrence David Peters (Johnson City, New York), Wesley Phelps (Neufus, Kentucky), Lee Hugh Phillips (Ben Hill, Georgia), Jimmy Phipps (Santa Monica, California), James Irsley Poynter (Bloomington, Illinois), Franklin E. Sigler (Montclair, New Jersey), Luther Skaggs, Jr. (Henderson, Kentucky), John Lucian Smith (Lexington, Oklahoma), William G. Walsh (Roxbury, Massachusetts), Wilson Douglas Watson (Earle, Arkansas), Lester Weber (Aurora, Illinois), Alfred Mac Wilson (Odessa, Texas).

“I hope that this book also provides encouragement and inspiration for active military members overseas who are putting themselves in harm’s way for this country,” Barrett says.

While Barrett’s initial goal was to highlight the heroic efforts of men from battles that took place decades ago, his work will inspire those overseas currently fighting for the United States. He believes his book truly captures the heroism and courage that so many military members possess.

About the Author:
Dr. Terence W. Barrett served in the United States Marine Corps for seven years as an aviation officer. After his military involvement, he continued his education at the University of Southern California, North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota. He currently works as a licensed psychologist in a private practice, consults at the Fargo Vet Center and teaches for NDSU’s psychology department. He has worked with adult survivors of childhood trauma, sexual assault, torture, crime, war and combat experience. Barrett designed the Grief Experience Questionnaire, which has been used in numerous international studies and translated into five different languages. He wrote “Life After Suicide: The Survivor’s Experience” and completed “Semper Fidelis: A Psychological Study of Heroic Bravery” in 2006.

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