Alumni in the News and Other News

Illinois HR 1593 97th General Assembly Resolution
Honors Richard Doyle’s ’65 Life of Service.

Moment of Truth, Dan McGrath ’68

Leo Says Goodbye to a Great Guy, Jack Howard ’61

Jack Howard ’61 Scholarship Update 2008

Donald Broderick ’43, RIP

Bill Koloseike ’45

Guest Speaker at Gaelic Park, Jim Furlong ’65

John Caponera, Leo Actor/Comedian Back in Town to perform

John Caponera, Lions of Laughter 2011

Notre Dame’s Tom Zbikowski Lends a Helping Hand to Leo Athletes

Charise Angone, Daughter of Conrad ’57, Winner of BAFTA and OSCAR

Judge Bill Phelan ’50, Retires

Victims of Violence, Jason Riley ’04 and Steven Lyons ’04

School Gets Help from Hard Hitting Lawyer Mike Joyce

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